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Welcome to my first book blog. My name is Patty and I hope that you will enjoy the books that I post about. I picked this book for my first post because it is my favorite of all the books I read last month. I like the cover it reminds me of a Thousand Splendid Suns. I read between one and five books a week and I enjoy posting on the LibraryThing. If you are like me and enjoy books, take a look at my blog. I will try to focus on recently released books. I love to read, but I do have a job that tends to interfere with my voracious reading habit.

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
I really loved this book. This book is a quick easy read. I was sorry when it was over. I couldn’t help but love Saburo who was the main character. When the book starts he is a poor, down trodden and abused young boy. The book follows his life as he grows and matures. Saburo is an exceptionally strong person and he overcomes the obstacles in his life. He prevails through verbal abuse, physical abuse and poverty, any one of these could have beaten him down, but he is a survivor. He is resilient. I was touched by the suffering of his wife, Yoshiko. Yoshiko’s starvation and tuberculosis is heart wrenching. Saburo’s family treated her very harshly.
When Saburo comes to America he must make many decisions. Does he follow his heart or the traditional Asian ways? This is a big problem for many Asians who come to this country. Should he remain loyal to the family and maintain his filial duty or follow his dreams? Life in America is full of conflicts for him.
Did I mention that I loved this book! I enjoy Asian fiction. This is a beautiful story of love and endurance and survival. This was a great first novel for Julie Wu. I will be looking for her next book!!! ( )


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