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Friday’s Book From the Kitchen of Half Truth

Well it is a gloomy, rainy day here in Ohio, but it is a great day to read a book! If you knew me better you would know that I would say any day is a great day to read a book. Sit back, relax and lets take a look at this book.

 This book is new, just released in 2013. I picked it up in my local library. We have a great library here in Cuyahoga Falls!

Meg is a young woman who grew up in a London flat or did she? Meg herself states:

“I have no idea what did happen during the first five years of my life, because for some such reason I can’t recall a thing.”

Meg’s birth is even a mystery. Her mother tells her that the gasman caught her in a frying pan and by the time the midwife arrived it was all over!
What if every time you asked about your child hood your mother told you a story? Meg is curious about her past and her childhood, but every time she questions her mother, Valerie, she tells her a quirky food related story. Meg is going to be a scientist and she is very fixated about facts, everything is either black or white and there are no grey areas. Are these culinary based stories lies or twisted facts? Meg is troubled by the fact that her mother continues to avoid the truth about their past and now her mother’s fatal illness. This book is Meg’s search for herself and who she is. Will she find out before her mother dies? What really happened and why can’t she remember? What secrets lie in her mother’s past? When she does find out, what will she do with the information?
The book takes awhile to build up a strong foundation for the plot before taking off. It gives you a strong sense of who the characters are. I especially enjoyed the development of the relationship between Meg and her mother. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift.
Have you read the book yet? What do you think about it? What is your favorite part?


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