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English: “Blunden harbour totems,” by the Canadian artist Emily Carr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Welcome to the Mother’s Day edition of the Sunday Scoop. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there. Happy Birthday to my husband who has to share his birthday with another special day. Poor Thing!! Thanks to NetGalley, the Cuyahoga Falls Library and a few freebies the to read pile has greatly expanded. First off a review of The Forest Lover, which I recently finished since we last talked.

Actual Photo of Emily Carr

Actual Photo of Emily Carr


The Forest Lover is written by Susan Vreeland.  You might recognize some of her novels:  What Love Sees, The Girl In Hyacinth Blue, and Clara and Mr. Tiffany. These are the ones that I have read and enjoyed. Her stories are based on real life people and events with a little embellishment to make the story interesting. This book did not disappoint. I feel that it is as good as her other novels.

Emily Carr is a young woman from British Columbia with a passion for painting. She is a no-nonsense kind of girl who doesn’t fit in with her sister’s high society crowd.  Her father states that he wishes he had never given her that paint set. Painting is a hobby for women, not a respectable way to make a living. The book takes place during a time when women got married and disappeared into the woodwork. When Emily becomes involved with Claude du Bois, a fur trader and outdoorsman, things become complicated for her. Emily’s romantic relationship is overshadowed by a disturbing physically abusive event in her past. Emily’s relationship with her best friend Sophie is frowned upon, because Sophie is a native and lives at the Reserve. The book follows Emily’s travels to dangerous areas to paint totem poles and her trip to Paris to study with other master painters. Emily braves bog mosquitoes and sleeps in a tent to paint totems among the natives. Emily was an unconventional woman. She had a parrot, a dog and a monkey, made soap, cut windows in a trailer, rigged chairs to raise on pulleys to save space and was said to have the spirit power in her hands. Claude calls her his dame courageuse.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5. I think that if you enjoy historical fiction, native american tales or the art of painting you may want to give this book a try. It has a lot to offer.


I want to start by saying that I really liked this book. I give it 5/5 stars. This is not a new book either, but a 1998 book re-leased with a new cover for 2013. I love the cover!!! I have not read any of Victoria Holt’s Books (or so I thought-see note at the end).  I thought that they were sappy romance novels, but that is not the case. This book like the one above I think has a wide reading appeal. There are secrets, lies, deception, blackmail, a double-crossing, a double suicide, a wealthy estate, arson, obsession, children out-of-wedlock, a manipulative matriarch, and the crazy Miss Lucille locked up in her rooms. Don’t forget the curse of the peacock feather fan. Wow this book packs a lot into one package. There is also the exotic trip to India and the introduction of the basics of Indian culture. Oh, yes there is a subtle romance thread throughout. How can the Drusilla the daughter of the rector, compete with the wealthy, spoiled Lavinia Framling? Who will Drusilla chose for her husband? Sir Fabian Framling the heir to the Framling fortune who is a rogue and ladies man? Dougal Carruthers whose interest in architecture has led him to the rectory? Or will it be the newly arrived Colin Brady who has come to assist her father and hopes to take over the rectory? Who does she dare to lose her heart to? Will her strange friendship with Lavinia Framling survive? If you are considering adding this book to your list of to read books, don’t think about it, read it now!!! I think you will enjoy it. I have to say that I am partial to all and anything Indian including Indian food, Indian stories, I took a class about India once.

I had to note that I just found out that Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr and Jean Plaidy are all the same person!!! Who knew!! It is Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert. Well I have definitely read many of the Jean Plaidy books, probably some of the Philippa Carr ones too!!


I have started listening to the audio book The Saffron Kitchen. I have never tried an audio book before. This one is about a family in Iran and London. It sounded interesting.

Now last, but not least the ever-growing to read pile.



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