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Sunday Scoop

English: A view of The Main Dairy Barn and Pet...

English: A view of The Main Dairy Barn and Petting Farm at Malabar Farm State Park near Lucas, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi!!! Running late today. Had to go to the grocery store and start fixins for tonight’s dinner. Oh joy all those everyday things, but the hubby insisted on some dinner tonight!

Anyway back to storybook land for a few minutes. Today’s book is The Farm by Louis Bromfield. It was written in 1933. I recently visited Louis Bromfield’s real farm in Lucas, Ohio. His farm is called Malabar Farm and is now a state park. What a beautiful place. Yes it really looks like the picture on the right!! It is full of old world charm. If you are able to visit be sure to take a tour of the house, pet the animals and hike the trails. Louis Bromfield was a Pulitzer Prize winner. I had never read any of his works and decided to give one a look. I wanted to read The Rains Came. It was recommended to me, but my library doesn’t have it.


Louis Bromfield’s books were all best sellers in their time and some were made into movies. His story is a great one. He was one of the few writers to enjoy success in his lifetime. He was a writer, but grew up on a farm and loved farming. He was one of the first people to ban the use of pesticides on his farm and go organic. He brought science and technology to his farm.

While this book is a work of fiction it is based on his experiences and real life on the farm. I found this book to be a wonderful nostalgic look at life on the farm. My father grew up on a farm and I found that it reminded me a lot of my paternal grandparents and their lives on the farm. Louis Bromfield wrote this book to preserve the past for his daughters. He realized that farm life as he knew it was changing.

imagesCAF0JRN7In the 1800s and 1900s the goal of farming was to have a self-sufficient farm. A successful farm raised all the crops and livestock needed to feed the family. They raised cows and chickens. They grew all sorts of vegetables and  berries. They had a smoke house, a sugar house and a fruit house. They made their own butter. The horses were work horses for pulling the wagons and buggies. Then gradually things begin to change with the introduction of tractors and trains and mechanization. Science and technology changed many aspects of farming. A way of life was lost.

This book preserves the past. It is like a time warp back to the simpler days of farm life when things did not move so fast. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Other Bromfield books to look for:


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop

  1. I’m wondering why I’ve never heard of this author. I need to check out one of his books. I’d love to visit his farm but don’t see that in the near future.

    • Well I know how hard it is to get away from work. I am going to Gettysburg at the end of June for 4 days!!! The farm trip was only a couple of hours away from my home. Bromfield wrote many Hollywood film scripts. He had his own secretary whom he built a room for in his house. He met many Hollywood film stars and their pictures line the wall in the hallway of his house. Who would of imagined small town farm boy goes Hollywood!!!

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