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A photograph of Zelda Fitzgerald published in ...

A photograph of Zelda Fitzgerald published in Metropolitan Magazine in June 1922, accompanying her piece “Eulogy of a Flapper”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Z:  A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

by Theresa Anne Fowler


Glad you could drop in again!! Today’s book is Z A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. It is a new release from April 2013. I received this book in a giveaway on Bermudaonion’s Blog. This is a fictional account of Zelda’s life. The evolution of a flapper girl.

Zelda is a young, beautiful, Southern belle when the story opens. She is from an upstanding, wealthy family. At age 17 she falls in love with F. Scott Fitzgerald at a dance. She marries him; against her family’s wishes. She is swept off her feet by his stunning good looks, and his hopes and dreams of being a writer. Then begins a tumultuous life of parties, boozing and lavish spending. They alternate between having no money and then having so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Zelda seems immature and naïve, but deeply in love with Scott at all costs. They lived in so many places I can remember them all!!


Zelda is an outrageous person at times. She does attention getting stunts. She becomes one of Scott’s characters in his book. Not only does she have a make over to look one of his characters, but she begins to act as the character would. She seems to loose herself and who she is at times.  In another instance she takes a dive into a fountain fully dressed, maybe they should of called the book Zelda’s follies. I think that she was constantly trying to get attention. Scott was obsessed with his writing and book sales most of the time. Zelda also wanted to be successful in her right. She was a ballerina, a painter, and a writer, but never achieved the success that Scott had. It must of been hard to live in Scott’s shadow. Scott foils most of Zelda’s attempts to be her own person. He even published her stories under his own name.


In spite of all the turmoil and tribulations and affairs, Zelda stays in love with Scott until the end. She was definitely dedicated to him. She had to have loved him. There is no other explanation for her putting up with him for so long. She turned down an offer of a career in Italy as a lead ballerina to stay with him when he refused to go with her. Scott remained best friends with Ernest Hemmingway. Hemmingway felt Zelda was impeding Scott’s career and tried to interfere in their marriage.

I have never read the Great Gatsby. I don’t know how I escaped getting out of high school with out reading it. I have not seen the movie either. In spite of all this I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast paced novel about life and fame and fortune in the roaring 1920s. If you are bit by the Great Gatsby mania you will love the book!!  I know I did. I give it 4/5 stars.!!

P.S. If you get the time google Zelda. There are many beautiful pictures of her online!!

6625761This is Zelda’s book that Scott edited parts out of. While he complained that she wrote about their lives, he certainly did the same and got away with it. I would be interested to see the parts that he took out!! Can we get an unedited version?? I would love to read this as it is her perspective on things!!


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