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The Sunday Scoop

The Midwife’s Revolt

By Jodi Daynard


Happy Father’s Day!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day. You should call your father now, if you haven’t already and be sure to wish your husband and neighbors a happy Father’s Day also.

I received this book from NetGalley as an e-book for my kindle. It was released in January of 2013.  This book takes place during the  Revolutionary War. Lizzie Boylston is a friend of Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams. The story takes place before John Adams becomes president. Abigail was very independent. She ran the farm and raised her children by herself during the many absences of her husband.

Abagail Adams, wife of United States President...

Abagail Adams, wife of United States President John Adams. Engraving based upon a portrait by Gilbert Stuart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lizzie is also a strong woman. She runs her farm and is a midwife after the death of her husband. She is not afraid of hard work. Martha comes to help her on the farm and Lizzie fears that Martha’s brother is a Loyalist. Will she fall in love with him or the mysterious new comer in town Mr. Cleverly? Little is known about Mr. Cleverly and his doctor friend. Later she believes that Mr. Cleverly and the doctor are poisoned, but who did it and why?

When Lizzie senses that things are not quite what they seem and that there maybe spies among them she dresses up as a man to visit the local pub to get information. She is not your conventional stay at home, noble lady!! Eliza, her sister-in-law, becomes pregnant and goes to Lizzie’s to deliver her baby. Eliza’s child is of mixed race. Lizzie allows Eliza to stay with her and Martha on the farm. This would have been quite outrageous for the times, three unmarried women and a mixed child living together! Abigail Adams and Lizzie are ahead of their times in their attitudes and beliefs.

While there was a conspiracy against John Adams, Lizzie’s role was a minor one. She was able to gather helpful information for the cause. She did not however lead a revolt, except against the conventional ideas of the period. It was her own personal revolt against the norms.

I give this book 3.5/5 stars. I liked the book. It had a good plot. It contained mystery, intrigue, a happy ending for all, and novelty. There were strong female characters. I think that the epilogue was a bit too long. It seemed to take a while to wrap the story up. I didn’t really get the title of the book. While she was unconventional, she was not part of a revolt. I thought of some alternatives:

The Revolutionary Midwife

The Independent Midwife

The Midwife of Independence

This is Jodi Daynard’s first novel and hopefully the start of a promising writing career!

PlaceWithin-CoverThis is a book of short stories that was edited by Jodi Daynard. It is available on



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