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Sunday Scoop

 Scent of Triumph

By Jan Moran


Welcome again to the Sunday Scoop. It is a beautiful sunny day here today and a bit cooler than it has been. Finally some relief from the heat wave of last week!! I have many books from NetGalley that I will be reviewing in the future. They have been very good to me. I have also purchased a few new novels also. So if you are not interested in this book keep checking back in the future!!

This book was originally published in December of 2012. I obtained a free Kindle copy at NetGalley from Briarcliffe Press. It is a sweeping love story that takes place during World War II. The book also weaves in elements of perfume creation in the 1940s.

The main character is Danielle Bretancourt. The story begins in 1939 when Danielle is on a ship to England. She has left Poland with her husband Max. She is pregnant with her second child. Nick her first child is still in Poland with Sofia, Max’s mother. This is the start of the action. The ship is attacked by a U-boat. She survives and so does Max.

She is consumed with looking for her son, but she must go on with her life. Max is trying to find her son and is working as an informant for England. He is killed by his cousin Heinrich who is in the S.S.. She finds herself falling in love with Jon who was a friend of her husband’s. She believes he is in love with someone else. Her father dies at the hands of her brother, Jean-Claude. Jean-Claude plants a bomb in the car of his dad’s associate and by chance his father, his own wife and the associate die. Jean Claude then commits suicide.

Danielle takes her mother, her niece and baby to America to live. Here she finds that life is hard. She struggles to make ends meet. She finds success making and selling perfumes and fashions. She later marries a man for money, only to find out that he is in debt. It is a tale of action, sorrow, love, loss and finally triumph. Danielle is one tough lady and overcomes many obstacles in her life.

This was a great find!!! I really got caught up in this one. It is action packed and fast moving. Enticing to readers who enjoy romances, World War II stories, perfume creation and family dramas. Well written with vivid descriptions that were not wordy. A beautiful story with a happy ending. I finished it in 2 days!! I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Jan Moran writer and creator of Scentsa an electronic fragrance finder in Sephora stores.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop

  1. Hi Patty, so glad you enjoyed my book! I wanted to share some exciting, late-breaking news about Scent of Triumph, too!

    Scent of Triumph was published as an indie book, and was so well-received that it caught the attention of a publisher in New York, St. Martin’s Press. In fact, just last week I signed a publishing contract with them for this book and another one, so I had to cease sales as they now own the right to distribute in English through the world.

    At present, I’m working with one of St. Martin’s top editors to revise Scent of Triumph, which will be re-released next fall (2014) as A Promise of Roses. This is exciting, because I have the opportunity to work with an experienced editor to raise my work to a higher level–making it a more enjoyable experience for readers. Plus, I’m adding some new scenes and features.

    Readers can sign up for the newsletter on my site to receive the latest release information, or connect through social media. Readers can also pre-order the book in a few months. Here’s my recent blog about the new book deal:

    Thanks, Patty!

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