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Sunday Scoop

Dark Road Home

By Elizabeth Ludwig


Hmm it seems that I missed my posting on Wed. Sorry guys. Apparently when I hit the publish button I didn’t hit it hard enough? Well I will save that one for this Wednesday! Today we have a new book just published by Bethany House on August 1rst, 2013. I received it as an e-book from NetGalley. Bethany House is a publisher of Christian Fiction books. This says it is book two. It is from the Edge of Freedom Series. I have not read book one and this book made perfect sense by itself. I did not know a book one existed until I started to write this review!


Ana is the main character and she tells us the story of her mysterious past. We are led on an adventure of danger and secrets. Why is Ana troubled by horrible nightmares? Why is she using an alias? What horrible things has she lived through in the past that have left scars to her both physically and emotionally? Ana is led back to God and the church when a friend convinces her to volunteer there.

At the church she meets Eoghan who is searching for his sister. Eoghan finds his sister and falls in love with Ana. His faith in others is restored through the people he meets at the church. He is also hiding from his past. After he reveals Ana’s secret will he be able to save her?

I found that this was a quick read. I read it in two days. Yes it is a Christian fiction book, but it was not overly loaded with religious material. Occasionally I read Christian fiction and books about the Amish people, a little bit of religion in a book is okay with me. This book affected me more than I thought. I had a dream that someone from my past returned and they were holding a Bible. I’m  not sure what all that means? Maybe it is all the herbals that I have started taking? Anyway, this was suspenseful and full of twists and turns and action. It keeps you reading. The chapters are fairly short. The Dark Road Home is actually the character’s journey back to God and their faith. The ending is a happy one, albeit not necessarily realistic. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. Would be a good clean book for a young teen reader. I enjoyed this book even though I am not actively religious.

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