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Sunday Scoop

Paint the Bird

By  Georgeann Packard



Well hold on to your hat. This is definitely a different kind of book! Maybe too different for many readers. Now I told you I will read just about anything. This one proves it!! Don’t worry if this doesn’t appeal to you, my next choice for review will be something more along the usual lines!

I received this book from the Library Thing’s Early Reviewer’s Giveaway. This is a short book of 240 pages. It was released July 22, 2013. This book falls into the gay fiction category. This is not something that I would normally seek out, that being said I found the book interesting.

We have an unlikely set of characters here. There is black woman reverend, a father, Darby, who has never dealt with his feelings towards his homosexual son, the son’s partner and the mother of the homosexual couple’s child. Reverend Sara is obviously a lost soul she is having a one night stand with the father. Oh, and also Yago the HIV infected dead son who is a ghost in the story. Sounds pretty strange don’t you think. It is weirdly interesting. An interplay of clashing ideals and values. Whose are right whose are wrong? Where is all this going?

I kept wondering what message the author was trying to convey with this story. I am not sure even now what the point was. Alejandra is the mother of Yago. She tells Sara to “Put a bird there, be the bird. Soar above it all.” Alejandra is talking to Sara about the place in her dreams and how colorful it is. I think that she is talking about being yourself and letting go and making up who you want to be as you go along. That it is okay to be unique and be yourself. You are the bird. Paint the Bird is Yago’s story of who he is and the chapters are the colors that make up the bird. In each chapter we learn about the people in Yago’s life and they reveal pieces of Yago to us. Through out the book Darby learns who his son really was and becomes closer to his grandson and his son’s husband. He starts to bond with them.

I have to say that I think that this is one of the strangest books that I have ever read. I almost didn’t finish it. I really don’t recommend this one. It is not really my kind of book. When I read I want to be entertained and escape reality. This book is not one that I would normally chose. I could not connect with it. This book is not for everyone. It contains homosexuality and some situations that might be disturbing for some people. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

A good look at alternative lifestyles. If this interests you she has other books available in the same genre.



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