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Sunday Scoop


By Trini Amador


Hello again fellow readers. It is definitely cooler here. Get out the jeans and long pants again! Fall is here are you ready for another great book to sit down and relax with? This one might be the one for you. This book was released on July 23, 2013. This story is based on the real life story of Trini’s grandmother. This is Trini Amador’s debut novel. I obtained this as an e-book for free on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It is another great NetGalley find!!

Gracianna is a young girl raised by her demanding grandmother in the Basque region of France. While she is tiny at only 4’10 she has big dreams. Gracianna wants to go to America. She is very motivated and moves to Paris so that she can make more money for the trip. Juan is also from Basque and he follows Gracianna and they fall in love. Constance, Gracianna’s sister also comes to Paris, but Paris is now changing due to Nazi occupation. The occupation brings about new problems and challenges for Gracianna. Constance is sent to a concentration camp and Gracianna is forced to do and make dangerous decisions to save her. What lengths will Gracianna’s love force her to go to save her sister? What will she do when faced with a dangerous way to earn her passage to America? Will she get caught? Is she willing to risk everything?

I found this book really engrossing. Gracianna is a fascinating and spunky character. This is an incredible lady!  If you like books with a strong female heroines, this is for you. I enjoyed this book. I thought that the story was a good one and that it was well told. I think that it is a great debut novel!! If you get a chance go to the website below and watch the video. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. (Can you tell I really liked this one?)



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