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Wednesday Weekly

The Tudor Conspiracy

By C. W. Gortner




Audio Cover


Welcome today fall is in the air. It is cooler here today. The hubby and I took our yearly fall trip to our favorite apple orchard for some apples and fall veggies. Cooler evenings are here and it’s a great time to curl up and read a great book. This is one of my new favorites!! Not only is it  historical fiction it is about the Tudors!! If I haven’t said it before the Tudors are one of my favorite subjects. I was excited when I saw this book!

I always find the different cover pictures interesting, so I included them here for you. If you have time check out Gortner’s website. It’s great. I think there are a few books I haven’t read yet!!

This is a book I received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It was released July 16, 2013. It is the second book of the Spymaster Chronicles. I have to admit, if I knew the first book existed I would have read it first. The first book is The Tudor Secret. This book made sense on its own, but now I am wondering what I missed out on in the first one! I have to say that I think Gortner is one of my favorite writers. The descriptions of court, the intrigue, the interaction between characters, the politics it is all woven into in this one. Who doesn’t love a good Tudor Novel?


The first book in the series


The book starts with Elizabeth as a young girl. The time period is the 1550s. Mary, her half- sister is Queen and is betrothed to Philip of Spain. This has everyone in an uproar, because of  fear of Spanish influence. Not everyone is a supporter of this marriage.  Mary is a devout Catholic and is imposing her religion on the court and her sister Elizabeth.The book is mainly about the Wyatt rebellion. Wyatt was a Protestant and plotting to put Elizabeth on the throne. The Protestants feared that if Mary had a child with Philip that Elizabeth would lose her rights to the crown. Wyatt was tortured and beheaded when caught. Mary attempted to obtain a confession from Wyatt implicating Elizabeth. If he would have implicated Elizabeth in the rebellion, Mary would have beheaded her, her own sister for treason.

Now enters Brendan into the picture. He is spying for Mary on Elizabeth, but his loyalties remain with Elizabeth and her supporters. He is walking a dangerous path between two powerful sisters as a double agent. Brendan’s mission for Mary is to obtain incriminating letters that Elizabeth had written. What will Brendan do? Will he be able to save Elizabeth from Mary? Will he find the letters? What will he do if he does find the letters? Will he come out of this whole thing alive or will his head wind up on the chopping block?

I thought that this was a great book. The plot was good, the characters were believable and the book was eventful and full of action. I felt I was transported back in time. Brendan narrates the story for us. I liked him as a character and he gives us an interesting perspective on things. If you like the Tudors or Historical Fiction you will enjoy this one. I give it 5/5 stars.


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