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Sunday Scoop

Songs of Willow Frost


By Jamie Ford


The latest from Jamie Ford

Hi good morning and welcome to the Sunday Scoop again. This is another great book that I obtained from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was excited to receive this book because I have also read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I remember that I really loved it and I have been waiting for Jamie’s next novel. This book doesn’t disappoint.


Songs of Willow Frost was released on September 10, 2013. It presents some of the challenges that Chinese Americans faced in the US. Asian fiction is definitely another of my favorite genres. We get a glimpse of the depression, the roaring twenties and the entertainment industry.

William Eng is a young American- Chinese boy who is growing up in an orphanage in Seattle during the depression. He goes to the theater to see a show on what the nun’s have designated as the birthday of the orphans. During the show he sees an actress who goes by the name Willow Frost and is convinced that this is his mother.

Is this his mother? Will she save him from the orphanage now that she is famous? What happened that his mother gave him up? Can the issues of the past be overcome?

This is a book that gives us a look at the life of children in the orphanage and the conditions there. The true focus of the book is though is the  relationship of Willow Frost with her son. She reveals to him the events of her past and the struggles that she has gone through and her feelings of love and loss. It is an emotionally heartbreaking book.

I really liked the characters Willow, William and Charlotte. I do agree with other readers that felt the characters of William and Charlotte were portrayed as very mature for their ages, but I think that this felt right in the book. Their experiences have made them old before their time and worldly. I felt that all of the characters were rather down on their luck and fate gave them a raw deal.

While it is not a happy book, by any means, it is a beautiful tale of a mother and son’s love for one another. It is definitely a sad, but  very touching tale. I have a son myself so maybe that’s why it struck a chord with me. I give this book a strong 4.5 out of 5.  I can’t wait for Jamie’s next novel!!!



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