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Sunday Scoop

The Last Train to Istanbul


By Ayse Kulin


This is a e-galley that I received in exchange for an honest and fair review from NetGalley. It was published October 8th of 2013. Ayse is an international writer, she is from Turkey and her book has been translated to English. This book takes place during WWII in Turkey. Selva had married Rafael against the wishes of her family and moved to Paris. Rafael is a Jew and the Nazis are now taking over Paris. Sahiba, Selva’s sister is fighting to save her through the Turkish diplomats. They are trying to find a way to help her leave Paris. This story is based on the true story of how Turkey assisted Jews of Europe to freedom.

I have read a lot of holocaust fiction, but this was a new slant on things. This book was a little bogged down with the politics of the war and I admit I did have to re-read a couple excerpts twice. This book combines factual events with fictional characters. I thought that it was really interesting what these people went through and the risks that they were willing to take. While this book may not be perfect, I feel that it is definitely a valuable piece of history that should be made known. Jews transported on a carriage train through Germany during the war to Istanbul who would have thought it possible? History is stranger than fiction sometimes!! While it may not be an incredible book it is certainly an incredible story!! I give this book 4/5 stars.

PARIS : Ayse Kulin launches "Last train to Istanbul"


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