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Sunday Scoop

Delia’s Shadow

By Jaime Lee Moyer


Welcome back to Sunday Scoop! Happy Halloween to all my readers. Today we have a story I picked out with Halloween in mind. I enjoy a good ghost story once in a while and this one fits the bill. I obtained this for my kindle from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It was released on September 17th of 2013. It is listed as a mystery, thriller, science fiction and fantasy book. This is Jaime Lee Moyer’s first novel.


This book takes place in San Francisco, California six years after the 1906 earthquake. Delia Martin who has spent a few years in New York, comes back to stay with her best friend, Sadie and her mother, Emma, whom she calls family. Emma is dying and Sadie is quickly planning a wedding with Jack, before she dies.

Delia’s shadow or ghost, follows her wherever she goes. The shadow has many things to tell Delia. Jack is a police officer and Gabe is a detective on his force. Delia, Sadie, Jack and Gabe become entangled in a series of ghostly appearances and an ongoing murder investigation. Who is murdering all these people? What is Delia’s shadow trying to tell her? How are all these things and people connected?

I really like the mysterious shadowy cover. I enjoyed the mystery and ghostly parts of the story. Was it a thriller or cliff hanger? I didn’t think so. It was interesting and I kept reading it, but it didn’t really leave me at the edge of my seat. It had elements of light historical fiction and romance. The Pan-Pacific International Exhibition was a big event in San Francisco and is woven into the story. I have one bone to pick with the author. Do retired detectives really keep criminal case evidence after they retire? It seems unlikely to me that this would occur. I know that I am nit-picking here, that this is fiction, but it detracts from the reality of the story.

Overall this is a great book and is entertaining. It was easy to read and went fast. I liked the cast of characters. I think that this book would appeal to a wide audience. It has crime and detective elements, murders, a  historical setting, ghosts and the supernatural and a subtle love story in the background. I felt that the book gave a good glimpse of what San Francisco was like at that time period. This book would make a great first novel in a Delia series. I give this book 4/5 stars.


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