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Sunday Scoop

The Boleyn Deceit

By Laura Andersen


Welcome fellow readers!! Today is a crisp, but sunny fall day here. The trees are full of the colors of autumn. I have been very busy lately and I am starting to get behind in my reading endeavors. The to read stack is piling up and the book to read list just gets longer and longer!! I am very pleased to announce that I have snagged a copy of The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan on Ebay!!!! It is to be released on the 5th of November. I have just started to read it yesterday. It is really interesting so far. Look for the review on it coming up soon!!

Today we have one of my new favorites in Tudor fiction. This is a new release. It will be released on November 12,2013. I had been looking forward to reading this book, because I read Laura’s first book the Boleyn King and I enjoyed that one. I think that this book is even better than the first book in the series. I reviewed the first book a while ago. The idea of a fictional Boleyn King grew on me with this book. It seemed such a startling idea to change history at first. I have now gotten over that shock and I am really into the idea now.

The Boleyn Deceit takes over where the Boleyn King ends. William is the Boleyn King. He is the fictional son of Anne Boleyn. William, Minuette and Dominic are caught in a problematic love triangle. Minuette continues to unravel the mystery of who killed Alyce Leclerc and who Alyce was romantically involved with before she died. The novel takes off with the characters we became familiar with in the first book. Many historically well know people appear in the book.

The book was an easy quick read. It contained everything I like about historical fiction. It has politics, intrigue, love, and the glamour of court life. I especially like the cover. The rich royal purple gown is beautiful. I love anything and everything purple. I am pretty excited about this series!! I can’t wait for the next book to see what happens next!! I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.



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