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Sunday Scoop

Under the Jeweled Sky

By Alison McQueen




Now the weather report from Northeast Ohio…..Sunny, beautiful and 50+ degrees!! It is a beautiful day here!! I just ran to the library and back. Well, I didn’t really run, I drove. LOL. There are soooo many new books out it is getting harder and harder to keep up!! Stay tuned for more reviews of current fiction.





Are you ready? Today it is time for another great  new book. Today’s book is another wonderful find at the library. I was lucky to have obtained this one from NetGalley also. I didn’t realize I already had it! LOL. This book was published in January 21 of 2014.  It is a beautiful story of forbidden love set in a magical palace of a maharaja. It seems that this was released with a couple different covers. My edition was the first one and I like that one the best!!! This book is a gem!! You should read it!!

Sophie is becoming a woman. She is the apple of her father’s eye and the object of her mother’s wrath. She is bored with her life in the palace of the maharaja until she meets Jag. Jag is a young servant boy that she falls in love with. He opens up a whole new world to her of love and the sights and sounds of the palace. Sophie soon finds herself the victim of her forbidden affair. Her whole life is turned topsy-turvy. Little does she realize that this one event will affect the rest of her life.

This is another book that travels back and forth in time, but Alison does a wonderful job weaving everything together. We see how the past has an effect on Sophie’s future. I liked that this story has a happy ending, but that it wasn’t what I thought would happen. I felt that this book was very well written with really well-developed characters. Be aware that this is mostly a romance story, there is a little about partition and british colonialism, but not much. If you are reading it for the political history you will probably be disappointed. I thought that it gave a wonderful sense of what it would be like to be in India. If this sounds interesting to you at all, you should give this one a try!! I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Can you tell I loved it?

Another novel that Alison McQueen has written that sounds great:

book-childrenWhat a beautiful cover on this one!!!





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