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Wednesday Weekly

The Real Minerva

By Mary Sharratt


Happy Hump Day!!! Well I know it is not quite Wednesday yet, but I needed something to get excited about!! My co-workers and I escaped work a little early tonight. We escaped while it was still daylight!! This is a rare occurrence when you work second shift!! Ladies and gentleman I see lots of reviews coming in the future. The books just keep rolling in. People are asking me to read their books now!! I love it!!

It seems that this has been on my kindle for some time now. I think that I actually bought this one. I was curious about this one because I have read her other novels. This was published in 2004 originally and republished in 2006. It is 259 pages long.

Stunningly detailed, richly plotted, and emotionally engrossing, The Real Minerva is the story of three women forging their own paths in a Midwestern farming community. In 1923, as book-loving Penny enters adolescence, her mother, Barbara, pulls her out of school to send her to work. Destined to become a cleaning woman like her mother, Penny sees no escape from her bleak existence until a scandalous figure arrives in the town of Minerva, Minnesota: Cora, very pregnant, very headstrong, and very alone, has come to make a home on her grandfather’s farm. Intrigued by this curious new resident, Penny sets out to work for Cora. Suspenseful and moving,The Real Minerva is a remarkable novel about the strength of women and the unexpected bonds that form between them (Goodreads).

While Minerva is a town in the story. I think there is significance in who Minerva is. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom who is equated to the Greek goddess Athena.

Who is the real Minerva here? This book takes us along for a ride with three women who seem destined to fail. Each must rise above their pasts. Who will survive and come out successful? These three women all show growth and development throughout the story. I wound up liking all the women in the end. They are all doing the best they can in a man’s world. I really enjoyed this one. It shows us that love and family can exist between people who are not related. The climax has an interesting twist and the ending is a good one. This is another book that would definitely be great for a book club. I give this one a 4 out of 5 stars.


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