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Sunday Scoop

Murder In Caney Fork

By Wally Avett


Hello fellow book worms!! Whew it sure is hot and humid here! I hope that you have air conditioning where you are. Today’s book is a current fiction book I received as a egalley from NetGalley. I was given this book to read on my Kindle in exchange for an honest and fair review. This was published in March of this year. It has 176 pages.

It’s the trial of the century in a 1940’s North Carolina town.Murder and vigilante justice.War hero and law student Wes Ross has to save his uncle—but hide the truth.

Taught to shoot in the rough logging camps of the North Carolina swamps, Wes Ross remembers his lessons well. Dodging hostile gunfire with dozens of other young Marines, he storms a remote Pacific island as one of Carlson’s Raiders in the first commando-style attack of World War II. He blasts several Japanese snipers from their palm-tree hideouts with buckshot before an enemy bullet sends him home.

The Carolina homefront includes a new girlfriend and a new occupation, learning to be a rural lawyer in his uncle’s law office, including courtroom intrigue and what goes on behind the scenes. Wes, like his uncles, is a good man, the kind who takes up for the poor and downtrodden, looking out for those who are easy prey for bullies.

Frog Cutshaw is the storekeeper in the Caney Fork backwoods, a swaggering ex-moonshiner who is deadly with his ever-present .45 auto pistol. Frog’s daylight rape of a married woman and the brutal killing of her husband bring on Bible Belt vigilante justice, an eye for an eye, a life for a life (NetGalley)

This is an interesting tale of murder and justice in a small town. Everyone had a motive, but will the wrong person be prosecuted? Someone committed the murder, but who will pay? There are many ethical and religious dilemmas presented here.This is a short book and a quick read. While it is listed as a mystery and thriller, there is not much drama or mystery. The book is quite clear about who did what. The question is what will be the outcome of everyone’s actions. The story had satisfying ending. This would be great for people looking for a book to discuss in a book club. I give this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars.



P.S. I have decided to do a blog tour and I have had two authors ask me to read their books. So keep checking in to see what is new in the future!!


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