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Sunday Scoop

Je Anne Boleyn: Struck With the Dart of Love

By Sandra Vasoli


Hello!! Today’s book is another Tudor novel. So if you are tired of them, better stop reading here. I have been fascinated by the Tudors since my teenage years and one of my favorite characters is Anne Boleyn. I will read anything and everything about her. Such an intriguing woman. A woman who had no royal blood and became Queen, under the most unusual circumstances. She bore criticism and scorn only to later lose her head due to the twists and turns of Tudor politics.

Published by CreateSpace April of 2014. It is 366 pages for those of you who are intimidated by those large novels. I bought and read this one on my Kindle. This is the first in Vasoli’s series about Anne Boleyn. The second book is due to come out in 2015. This book is a hidden gem. Je Anne Boleyn is French for I, Anne Boleyn.

The first volume of this two-part series tells the story of what really happened from Anne’s own point of view. In sumptuous detail, Je Anne Boleyn recounts the moment the lovers first met, as well as the powerful and climactic consequences that ensued.

Scrupulously researched, this fictional memoir welcomes readers into the head and heart of one of history’s most misunderstood women. Learn how much Anne valued her female friendships, her desperate desire to bear children, and what lay behind her instinctive mistrust of Cardinal Wolsey.

There were no ratings and no reviews for this book on Goodreads or LibraryThing!! Why?? Must have been a lack of publicity!!! This book is a great book about a great love affair. I liked hearing Anne’s thoughts and feelings as she is falling in love. I thought that this book was well done and moved quickly. It kept my interest and was not boring. I enjoyed reading and learning about the hunts. I thought that this was a very romantic story. This might be more fancy than fact, but it makes for a good story!!

It would have made more sense to read this before I read the Lady in The Tower, but too late for that!! Review on that to come soon. I liked this book better than some of the other Tudor books that I have read. I give this one a 4 out of 5 stars!!! I will be looking out for the next book also!!




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