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Wednesday Weekly

Her Highness, the Traitor

By Susan Higginbotham


The end of the year and the holiday season is fast approaching. I hope that you find some time to relax with a good book and enjoy yourself. I read every day!! Yes everyday!! I read to unwind and relax after work. I read on the weekends and holidays and days off. I will use any excuse to read. If someone calls and asks what I am doing I usually say nothing, but I am reading. I think that my love of reading and books began way back in first grade with my wonderful teacher Mrs. Dodd. She introduced me to many of my first favorite books and a whole new world!! I can’t imagine what my life would be without reading and books!!

Today a novel about the Lady Jane Grey. This one shows Jane to be an intelligent and well-educated young lady. Much different from other books who portray her as simpering and willy nilly young girl who was a pawn of her parents. This one was written in 2012 and is 336 pages long. I obtained this as an egalley from Netgalley in exchange for an honest and fair review. This has a helpful index of all the characters in the front of the book. It helps if you are also familiar with some of the people in the Tudor court. Hmm why haven’t I read any of Higginbotham’s books before??

As Henry VIII draws his last breath, two very different women, Jane Dudley, Viscountess Lisle, and Frances Grey, Marchioness of Dorset, face the prospect of a boy king, Edward VI.

For Jane Dudley, basking in the affection of her large family, the coming of a new king means another step upward for her ambitious, able husband, John. For Frances Grey, increasingly alienated from her husband and her brilliant but arrogant daughter Lady Jane, it means that she—and the Lady Jane—are one step closer to the throne of England.

Then the young king falls deathly ill. Determined to keep England under Protestant rule, he concocts an audacious scheme that subverts his own father’s will. Suddenly, Jane Dudley and Frances Grey are reluctantly bound together in a common cause—one that will test their loyalties, their strength, and their faith, and that will change their lives beyond measure (Netgalley).

I enjoyed this book. This gives us another fresh look on the life of Jane Grey. Yes it is another book about the Tudors, but this one carries a much different portrayal of Lady Jane Grey. It is backed up with research and well done by the author. The author uses the mother of Jane Grey and the mother of John Dudley to tell the story. I think that this is what makes the book!! I have read other novels about Jane Grey, but it is interesting to read what opinions other authors have about her life. This is another fascinating look at the Tudor court, the personalities, the splendor and the twisted politics. It has everything that I like about this period in time. I admit even with the character index, I still got confused with Jane Dudley and Jane Grey.  I will give this a 4 out of 5 stars.




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