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Super Sunday Double Scoop

This Sunday is Double Scoop Sunday

I have two books that I would like to feature today!! They are both great!!

Ines of My Soul

0061161543_01__SX140_SY224_SCLZZZZZZZ_Island Beneath the Sea


Yes they are both by Isabel Allende!! I picked up Ines of My Soul used at the thrift store. I thought this looks like a good book, actually this turned out to be a great book!! I read her book The House of Spirits a long time ago and I don’t remember being excited about it at all. I enjoyed Ines of My Soul so much that I decided to read Island Beneath the Sea. It has been on my kindle forever. I purchased it years ago after reading Portrait in Sepia. I’m pretty sure I liked that one. I know that I read and liked Daughter of Fortune. Once in a while I run across a book that I haven’t read and wonder how did I miss this one?







Ines of My Soul is the story of Ines Suarez a young woman who leaves Spain to become involved with Pedro de Valdivia. She accompanies him as he founds the city of Santiago and fights off the native Chileans. Ines tells her story as an elderly woman in the year 1580. She is leaving a record of her life for her daughter. I found Ines to be a woman of remarkable strength and talents. Her story was full of adventure and travel. Ines Suarez was a real person and the story is loosely based on her life. It also contains elements of a love story.


Island Beneath the Sea is a novel based on life in Saint Domingue (Haiti) in the 18th century. It tells us of the life of the slave Zarite or TeTe on a sugarcane plantation. It shows us the atrocities of slavery. There are elements of vodoo.The slaves are viewed as less than human and treated worse than animals. We are shown the daily struggles of the slaves and racial problems of the mixed offspring. Rape, sex orgies and physical mutilation are a part of every day life for a slave. Being a nurse, I was intrigued by the healer and the doctor in the story and the treatment of mental illness and depression.


Isabel Allende is a very talented writer. She has a beautiful writing style. Both books contain magical realism. Isabel was born in Peru and grew up in Chile and she writes about what she knows and researches and it shows. I think that both of these books are 4 star books. I did like Ines of My Soul the best out of the 2 books.






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