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Sunday Scoop

The Nest

By Esther Ehrlich


Hi to all the other book readers out there!!! Hope you are doing well!! I have been laying low the last week or so due to some nasty virus that likes to hang on. I am feeling better, but still have a bit of a cold and cough. Yuck!! I hope you enjoy today’s book.

This book was released by Random House Children’s division back in September of 2014. I obtained this as an e-galley from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

A heartfelt, deeply moving, and unforgettable middle grade debut about an irresistible girl, Chirp, and her family.

For fans of Jennifer Holm (Penny from Heaven, Turtle in Paradise), a heartfelt and unforgettable middle-grade novel about an irresistible girl and her family, tragic change, and the healing power of love and friendship. In 1972 home is a cozy nest on Cape Cod for eleven-year-old Naomi “Chirp” Orenstein, her older sister, Rachel; her psychiatrist father; and her dancer mother. But then Chirp’s mom develops symptoms of a serious disease, and everything changes.Chirp finds comfort in watching her beloved wild birds. She also finds a true friend in Joey, the mysterious boy who lives across the street. Together they create their own private world and come up with the perfect plan: Escape. Adventure. Discovery. Esther Ehrlich’s lyrical writing is honest, humorous, and deeply affecting. Chirp and Joey will steal your heart. Long after you finish Nest, the spirit of Chirp and her loving family will stay with you.

This is a book that I read a few weeks ago and I can tell you that it was great. It really made an impact on me. I think because I could relate to the characters and their childhood. It had believable characters that take you through a tough journey of love and loss and how to cope. The story is a beautiful one and the writing style is wonderful. I also love the bird info and tidbits. I enjoy watching the birds also. I read this in 2 days. It was that good!! I think this book could be valuable for helping children understand mental illness, depression and loss and their own feelings about these issues. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and a box of tissues this one is emotionally heart wrenching. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars!!


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