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Wednesday Weekly

The Towers of Tuscany

By Carol M. Cram


Here we meet again!! Sunday is Valentine’s Day so remember to do something a little special for your sweetie!! I have been busy reading and writing reviews. My hubby was kind enough to buy me a $125.00 gift card for BAM!! I was able to buy a couple of books that I have been wanting to read, Historical Fiction of course!! Now for today’s book.

I received this as an e-galley courtesy of Netgalley for a fair and honest review. This one was published Dec. 16, 2014 by Lake Union Publishing. It was 358 pages. This is one of the better books that I have read lately.

Sofia is trained in secret as a painter in her father’s workshop during a time when women did not paint openly. She loves her work, but her restless spirit leads her to betray her extraordinary gifts to marry a man who comes to despise her for not producing a son.

After Sofia’s father is crushed by his own fresco during an attack motivated by a vendetta, Sofia realizes she must escape her loveless marriage. She flees to Siena, where, disguised as a boy, she paints again. When her work attracts the notice of a nobleman who discovers the woman under the dirty smock, Sofia is faced with a choice that nearly destroys her.

This is Sofia’s story. She is a young lady in Italy during the 14th century. She is married to a horrid husband, but she finds a way to escape. Sofia is blessed with a talent. She can paint and she has been trained by one of the best painters, her father. Sofia must find her way in a man’s world.

I really enjoyed this story. I liked the information on the mixing of paints and the techniques used. The characters were easy to follow and well-developed with believable relationships. Sofia and her father had a wonderful relationship and her relationship with her sister is also a strong one. Then there is also the dreaded plague and it’s outcome. Families and relationships are not always blood relatives, but who you bond and care for in life. I give this book a 4 out of 5.




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