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Wednesday Weekly

The Secrets of Mary Bowser

By Lois Leveen


Welcome back all you bookworms!! Is everybody out there ready for Easter? I am looking forward to it warming up to about 70 degrees here tomorrow. It is supposed to rain though. Today’s book is another great one. I have been lucky with my choices lately. I hope that you find this one awesome also!!


I found this book at the library. It is a real paperback!!! Yes for real!! It was published in 2012 by Harper Collins Publishers and is 453 pages long. Don’t worry though the book is an easy fast read. It is full of action. It only took me a couple of days to read it.

This book has a great story line and the best part is that it is based on a real person and events.  Mary Bowser was a real person who was raised as a slave and later freed. She was educated in the north and was a spy for the Union during the civil war. Mary and her husband were incredible people who took incredible risks. They work for the underground railroad transporting people north to freedom. She becomes a spy for the north and returns to Richmond. Many times Mary chooses to help people at the risk of her own safety and happiness

I enjoy slave stories and civil war fiction and this one is a great book in my opinion. I especially enjoyed the part about John Brown and the uprising at Harper’s Ferry. I have actually visited  Harper’s Ferry and the area is dedicated to remembrance of the events that passed there. It is a place of great historical significance.

If you like Historical Fiction with strong women characters this could be the one for you. I found it fascinating and well done. It is a new look at a piece of important American history. This was Lois Leveen’s first book. It is great for a first novel. I have also read her second book Juliet’s Nurse.If you are interested check out the review of it. I felt it was a great novel also. If you did read Juliet’s Nurse and liked her writing style try this one you won’t be disappointed. I give this one a 5 out of 5 stars.




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