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The Cherokee Rose

The Cherokee Rose

By Tiya Miles



Hi! I am back again. I deicided to take a break from the blog for a little while. Too much going on to keep up with sometimes. I hope that you like today’s book!!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Tiya Miles is from my own state of Ohio. I am so excited for her. I picked up this recent release at the library. It is the hardcover edition. This was released in January of 2015. It is 256 pages long. It is based on a real life plantation and real life people. This is what makes it so fascinating.

Set in modern-day Georgia on what once was a plantation owned by a Cherokee chief, the novel follows three characters—Jinx Micco, free-spirited Cherokee-Creek historian exploring her tribe’s complicated racial history; Ruth Mayes, whose mother sought refuge from a troubled marriage in her beloved garden and the cosmetic empire she built from its bounty; and Cheyenne Cotterell, affluent Southern black debutante seeking a meaningful personal history—on their journeys of memory gathering, self-discovery, and bonding. The women find diary entries from 19th-century Moravian missionary Anna Gamble, encounter the spirit of long-gone Native American student Mary Ann Battis, and learn the atrocities of Chief Hold, the first owner of the Cherokee Rose Plantation. The diverse and thriving rose garden at the plantation is only the beginning of the treasures the women find as proof of the love that once bloomed in a place overrun with hatred.

Three women and a haunted plantation with a history. This is no ordinary plantation. It was once owned by a rich Cherokee chief who had slaves. Not just a few slaves either. There were 115 present when he died. The novel has great storyline with distinct and different characters. We get to know the characters and become aware of their weaknesses and witness their growth. The story takes us into the past through the diary that they find. Life of the plantation comes alive through the diary entries. We learn about being a slave, being an indian and being mixed and the boundaries of social class.

I had heard of slaves being of mixed native american and african american blood, but I have to say until this book I never thought about the implications that this presented. This is a very interesting piece of the slavery puzzle. Many people probably don’t know about this on either side of the cultures. My own grandmother was said to be of Native American descent and this was something that we didn’t talk about. It is such a shame to lose this part of our family history.

The novel itself is well written and very eventful. It was a fast read for me. I think 2 days!! This is a no brainer for me. I like plantation stories, slave stories and ghost stories so I have to say that this one piqued my interest at the library right off the bat!! (It is baseball season now you know!!)) I think that this one is definitely a home run!! I give this one a 4 out of 5 stars.





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