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By Jill Alexander Essbaum




Hi!! How is everyone out there? Hope you are having a good day!! We are up to 226 readers!! Thanks everyone for following along!!

This was just released in 2015 by Random House it is 336 pages. It is available hardcover and for kindle at this time. I bought this one based on Amazon’s recommendations. The cover of this is beautiful. I love the roses and the vivid periwinkle color used here.

Anna Benz, an American in her late thirties, lives with her Swiss husband Bruno and their three young children in a postcard-perfect suburb of Zürich. Though she leads a comfortable, well-appointed life, Anna is falling apart inside. Adrift and increasingly unable to connect with the emotionally unavailable Bruno or even with her own thoughts and feelings, Anna tries to rouse herself with new experiences: German language classes, Jungian analysis, and a series of sexual affairs she enters into with an ease that surprises even her. Tensions escalate, and her lies start to spin out of control. Having crossed a moral threshold, Anna will discover where a woman goes when there’s no going back.

Well what to say about this one? This is not what I had expected. The title means house wife. Sounds like something that would be plain, boring ho-hum?  Now we meet up with Anna and her therapist and her multiple relationships. Anna is no ordinary housewife. She presents herself as a victim of circumstances, but is she? Her therapist tries to point out that she is the one making all these poor choices and yet Anna continues to sabotage herself. When she decides that Stephan was her one true love and attempts to reconnect with him, she is startled to find that the relationship with him is not what she imagined it was. Anna is full of secrets and deceptions and you want to hate her, but you can’t quite do it. Girlfriend is on a path to disaster and it is not surprising when she self destructs.

This doesn’t end well for Anna. This book is okay. This would be an interesting book for book clubs. There is a lot that could be discussed here. Marital affairs and racy content might be a problem for some people though. It has some sexual content and would not be appropriate for young girls.It is graphic in a couple of places, definitely an adult book. I kept reading because the story kept building and you knew that something was going to happen. This was well written. It shifts back and forth in time, but it was clear and relative to the story’s telling. Anna’s story reminds me of Scarlett’s in Gone with the Wind. You don’t appreciate or want what you have until it is gone. I give this one a 3 out of 5 stars.




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