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Sunday Scoop

The Taming of the Queen

By Philippa Gregory


Hello! Hope that everyone is well out there. I recently got my flu shot, but there is some nasty sinus stuff going around out there. I have been busy sewing up a storm. I am making Xmas gifts: patchwork placemats, throws and a civil war quilt for the hubby. Next project is learning how to machine quilt all this patchwork stuff!!

Ok back to the books. I have to start this by saying that I am a big Philippa Gregory fan. I have read many of her books and when I found out there was a new one that came out in August 2015. I had to buy it!!! I purchased this for my Kindle Fire. It went really fast for me. I read it in a few days.

This is a great book about Kateryn Parr. I have to admit I don’t remember reading much about her. We get a look at what her thoughts about Henry might have been and what their relationship was like. It is fascinating that she was the first queen to be a published as an author. She was also educated and we get a sense that she enjoyed learning. She is caught in a loveless marriage and is struggling within Henry’s  constraints to be herself.

I have to admit that this book gave me a new look at Henry VIII. While he did kill off his wives and demand submission, I don’t recall other books mentioning that he was abusive physically. He whips Kateryn Parr to “make her behave” and teach her a lesson. I wonder if there is any documentation that this really occurred? It makes for an interesting story though.

I still find the Tudors fascinating!! I give this one a 5 out of 5 stars.



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