Bio: I love to read. I will read just about anything. I like current fiction, memoirs, classics and best of all historical fiction.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Patty – Yes…I’m from Cincinnati. I love to read also. Reading The Secret Life of Bees right now and just finished Life of Pi. I’m on Goodreads. Nice to meet you! ~Sherry~

    • I’m on goodreads too and the librarything. Recently I have won books at both sites in the early reader groups. It’s great to meet another bookworm!!! I have read both those books awhile back. Keep reading and keep in touch. Patty

  2. Hi!

    I’ve been reading your book reviews and would like to invite you to a new Pintrest board:

    This is a place for book lovers to share their favorite books and also a great place to increase traffic to your website by pinning your own book reviews or book-related discussions. All I ask is that not all of your pins are from your own site.

    If you’d like to join, please email me: lasesana@gmail.com and I’ll invite you to the board

  3. Hi Patty,
    May I hope that you can review an award-winning historical novel? I published a Korean War novel The Dance of the Spirits on Amazon. The book won the 2014 eLit Awards sponsored by Jenkins Group. The book tells a story of a forbidden love in a forgotten war. The book received positive reviews from Kirkus Reviews, San Francisco Reviews, Midwest Book Review, and some Amazon readers.
    ISBN 9780989690928
    Could you please also advise whether you can provide any book tour or guest post opportunity?
    Best wishes to you and yours
    Catherine Aerie

    • I have been currently intrigued by the topic of both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. I am definitely interested in your book. I try to honor as many requests from new writers as I can!! I hope to get to your book in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

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